Republic Poly Head Banner


  • mr yeo li pheow 
    principal / ceo


  • ms goy soon lan  
    director, school of sports, health and leisure
  • mr james lee
    director, school of hospitality
  • dr lim boon whatt
    director, school of applied science 
  • mr sim choon hou
    director, school of management and communication
  • ms wong wai ling  
    director, school of infocomm
  • ms emida natalaray
    director, school of technology for the arts
  • mr soh lai seng
    director, school of engineering

appointed members

  • dr michael koh 
    deputy principal, academic services  
    (deputy chairman of senate)
  • mr boo chong-han    
    deputy principal (student services and organisational development)
  • mr fong yew chan  
    chief technology officer
  • mr ashley chua
    senior director (industry services and skillsfuture)
  • mr sundar w  
    senior director/registrar, office of the registrar
    director, office of student support
    (secretary of senate)
  • mr albert toh  
    director, academy for continuing education
  • dr girija veerappan 
    director, centre for educational development

elected members

  • ms erika foo
    assistant director (academic) 
    centre for educational development
  • ms ivane tay
    assistant director
    skillsfuture office
  • ms alina heng
    programme chair
    school of technology for the arts
  • mr edmund tan 
    programme chair
    school of engineering 
  • ms linda liew 
    programme chair
    school of management and communication   
  • ms tan ai chin
    programme chair
    school of sports, health and leisure
  • mr tan kok cheng
    programme chair
    school of infocomm